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What Makes Us Special

DocAdvice is to build a bridge to doctors and patients so that patients can find ways to have good medical check-ups and guidance to keep their health in normal condition.

Our Services

For Doctor

Isn't it tough situation wherein you get regular or new patients' complaints regarding mismanagement at your hospital? Although you keep appointing enough medical staff at front office, poor management system will crash and burn when it comes to real task of patient management. To put an end to all hassles, we came up with Online Patient Appointment System which would take all your worries off and render smooth medical management without any difficulty.

For Patient

Human beings are bound with certain health issues. To breakthrough such issues, we launched a portal which is helpful to have doctor appointment through online. This Online Patient Appointment System is very simple as it is an electronic medical management tool which does not ask casual leaves and gives you flawless 24/7 services.